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Striking a Conversation

Main Event:

September 17th Doors open at 5:00pm
Morgridge Commons Meeting & Conference Center
Local Panel Speakers at 6:00pm
Keynote Speaker, Frank King at 7:00pm

Mental Health is a reoccurring topic nationwide and in our county, and needs to be addressed not only for personal healthy living but for a healthier community. But it is a big undertaking. In this year’s Longevity event, “Striking a conversation: Mental Health for All Ages,” the Post Independent — with the help of event sponsors — will be examining issues and solutions for a healthy mind at various different ages through reporting and micro-events. Final topics are not decided, but examples include a mental health story and subsequent event focused on:

  • Effects of screen time on youth
  • Transitioning for teens to young adults
  • Middle Age, finding friends and overcoming depression
  • Aging gracefully into retirement

The Longevity event will culminate on Sept. 17 with speaker and comedian Frank King, and ways to strike up conversations about mental health. All ticket sales to King’s event will be donated to non- profits focused on mental health or abuse issues in the Garfield County.


Frank King was a quarter-finalist on “Star Search” — he lost to a puppet. He’s also appeared on A&E’s “An Evening at the Improv,” Showtime’s “Comedy Club Network,” and CNN’s “Business Unusual.” In addition to telling jokes he’s been busy selling jokes. He’s written for Jay Leno, Joan Rivers and Dennis Miller. He’s opened up for Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler, Jeff Foxworthy, and Ron White.

Keynote Speaker – Frank King
Frank King, aka The Mental Health Comedian, is a Suicide Prevention and Postvention Public Speaker and Trainer who turned a lifelong battle with depression into a keynote worth spreading.
After writing for the Tonight Show for 20-plus years and performing corporate comedy, Frank’s attention changed. His new mission: To end the stigma surrounding mental health by sharing his insights with anyone and everyone who will listen in an effort to “start the conversation.”
Frank has thought about killing himself more times than he can count. Like many of us, depression and suicide run in his family. He addresses his own trials and tribulations using a tool people from all walks of life can relate to — humor.
With his TED Talk, “A Matter of Life or Death,” he openly addresses topics considered taboo in today’s society. As a motivational public speaker and trainer who travels the world, Frank uses comedy and personal life lessons to help break the ice and start an engaging conversation amongst those struggling with mental and emotional stability. This act of faith helps those struggling to find a voice to express themselves. Additionally, it helps create a pool of common knowledge where those who suffer, and those who care about them, can swim.
He believes that where there is humor there is hope. And where there is laughter there is life. Nobody dies laughing.
Frank is originally from North Carolina and now spends his off days in the Pacific Northwest. He travels the United States and beyond spreading his message, hoping to end the stigma surrounding mental health, and influencing the general public to start the conversation.

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Micro Events:

5:30pm – 7:00pm
Glenwood Spring Library Upstairs Breakout Room

August 20

A Q&A: Loneliness, screen time, bullying

These issues, and more, face young kids and their parent. But what to do about it? A Q-and-A session with Oyen Hoffman and Gary Schreiner, of Mountain Family Health Centers, to discuss these issues and more as part of the Longevity series focused on mental health.

August 27

Coping with pressure as a young adult

Peer pressure in school. Feeling alone. Decision making as a young adult. First time living on your own. Transitioning from friends and family. Teens and young adults have a lot of pressure and decisions to make. What are some of the pitfalls, what are some signs and what are some solutions? Join Michelle Doll and Jakie Skramstad from Mind Springs Health on Tuesday to discuss these issues and more facing our teens and young adults.

September 3

Remapping our Humanity Toward Wellness

Communities across the nation are coming together to address rising mental, behavioral and social health issues. To address these issues in a collaborative and sustainable manner, we will need to coordinate our overall approaches to Remapping our Humanity Toward Wellness. This evening will focus on specific actions that can change how we feel, interact with others and ultimately help change our lives. Great for Personal Growth, Frustrated Families, and Community Wellness Providers as well as Employers who wish to support staff self care.

September 10

Finding Joy in the Caregiving Journey

Nadine Roberts Cornish, CSA, founder of The Caregivers’ Guardian and author, of Tears In My Gumbo, The Caregiver’s Recipe for Resilience will introduce the 5 Steps of Conscious Caregiving she developed to help us understand and avoid the pitfalls one may encounter on the caregiving journey. You’ll learn the essential ingredients needed to overcome the challenges of loneliness, depression and anxiety. You’ll understand that while caring for a loved one is important, the greatest care that you’ll ever give is the gift of self-care. Sooner or later, we are all caregivers, let’s navigate together a path that will bring us greater insight, wisdom and joy as we work through one of life’s greatest challenges.

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